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Project Description
C# Script is a practical and elegant scripting language that resembles a simplified C# syntax that is easy and intuitive.
This is a R & D work in progress. Supported features include the ones that are supported by the .NET version you choose.

The Vision
The vision behind this project comes from different situations when

  • a scripting scenario is more welcome
  • you want to boost the developpement time
  • need to extend the app's functionality

The elegancy behind it
To be stable and be less in the dev-cycle for this project, we would want to be based on the
powerfull facility of the .NET without reinventing the wheel. The approach is simple: use a simplified syntax
that is no less powerfull than C#'s , parse the source files, add the missing stuff to build a valid C# source file,
use the .NET CodeDom to generate assemblies on the fly.


  • VisualStudio AddIn / Extension to be able to mix and compile ".chs" files within the solution
  • The CSharpScript assembly as a library



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